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Wonderful sliding wardrobes in East Dunbartonshire

We spend as much time in the bedroom as in any room of the house, albeit much of that time asleep.  The bedroom is the last thing we see at night and the first to greet us on a morning.  Therefore, the room should be harmonious, pleasant and most of all practical.  You want to get the most from your room while maintaining a certain style and the key to doing this is the fitted bedroom.

Here at the Design Studio we offer a comprehensive service to create fitted bedrooms in Lenzie and around the area.  Our experience is extensive and means we have created rooms for all kinds of homes from the very large to the modest sized.  No matter what the size of your bedroom, we can find the perfect solution for it.

One great space-saving option that we offer and that is immensely popular with our customers is the sliding door wardrobe.  These great looking wardrobes can come in a huge range of styles, can have any format of interior fittings and can look great in any room.  From rich, traditional wood looks with large mirrors to minimalist, plain colours doors, we can create wardrobes for any décor.

As well as wardrobes, we can also create the rest of the furniture for the room and make the most of the space that you have.  Cupboards surrounding the bed, built into alcoves or freestanding, all of these options are within our repertoire.  All we need is to see and measure the room in question then chat with you about your requirements to begin designing the perfect fitted bedroom for you.

Kitchens, bathrooms and sliding wardrobes in East Dunbartonshire


As part of our project management services, we discuss your needs and timescales. Drawings are provided to allow you to change layouts as you see fit – and to create a final plan and prices.


Kitchens, bathrooms and sliding wardrobes in East Dunbartonshire


At our showroom in Kirkintilloch, Eat Dunbartonshire you will see a fantastic range of sliding wardrobes, all designed to look great and optimise the space in your bedroom.

Kitchens, bathrooms and sliding wardrobes in East Dunbartonshire


Your new sliding wardrobes will be fully priced before we begin, with labour costs supplied separately, so you have the full picture. Create your dream bedroom and a delightful living space to relax in, with a little help from Design Studio.


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