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Wonderful fitted bedrooms in East Dunbartonshire

The Design Studio provides a fitted bedroom supply and installation service to the Lennoxtown area. With a showroom in Kirkintilloch, the company is perfectly placed to provide for the requirements of customers across East Dunbartonshire.

Bedroom Solutions

There’s nothing wrong with bedroom furniture bought from a shop that freestands wherever you need it but if you have even seen a bedroom that has fitted furniture, there is definitely something a little special.  Not only that, but these styles are made to exactly fit the dimensions of the room and can make use of even the oddest angle or most awkward alcove that freestanding furniture cannot always manage.

Nor are fitted bedrooms in Lennoxtown only used in the master bedroom.  Any bedroom in the house can benefit from having bespoke furniture added to it.  Take for instance a loft conversion bedroom with oddly shaped walls – fitted furniture can match these shapes perfectly and make the most of the space. 

Sliding doors are another option to increase the amount of space available in a bedroom and work in many different designs.  These reduce the space needed for the door to move and mean that they can fit into spaces that a swing-open door might not be able to.

However, the greatest asset of a fitted bedroom is that you can have exactly what you want in terms of the storage solutions, the layout of the wardrobe and other features.  If you are a shoe person, you can have entire areas dedicated to your shoes or sections for longer dresses or suits.  Whatever you need, a fitted bedroom can supply it.

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Please contact the Design Studio on the details below to discuss your requirements:

Kitchens, bathrooms and sliding wardrobes in East Dunbartonshire


As part of our project management services, we discuss your needs and timescales. Drawings are provided to allow you to change layouts as you see fit – and to create a final plan and prices.


Kitchens, bathrooms and sliding wardrobes in East Dunbartonshire


At our showroom in Kirkintilloch, Eat Dunbartonshire you will see a fantastic range of sliding wardrobes, all designed to look great and optimise the space in your bedroom.

Kitchens, bathrooms and sliding wardrobes in East Dunbartonshire


Your new sliding wardrobes will be fully priced before we begin, with labour costs supplied separately, so you have the full picture. Create your dream bedroom and a delightful living space to relax in, with a little help from Design Studio.


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